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In the late 1930s, Risom arrived in the United States, eager to expand his education in the field of modern furniture design. The 23-year-old Danish designer soon learned that there were few opportunities.  At the same time a growing number of young American architects were looking for furniture that would fit into the new smaller open-plan homes being designed at that time.

For many of these architects, Risom would eventually provide the answer.

Even today, at age 90, Risom continues to design new pieces for local architects and modern homeowners near his home in New Canaan, Connecticut. A recent commission will end up in the Phillip Johnson home originally designed for the Boissonnas family in 1956 http://www.iit.edu/~kimbcla/BoissonnasHistory.htm

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Mark Jespersen with Jens Risom, May 2004.

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